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Screenshot of Outswirl for Mac OS XOutswirl is a falling block puzzle game with a twist!

You score points by rotating and placing blocks to make 2-by-2 squares, which are removed from the playing area by a beam of light.

Outswirl has a relaxing soundtrack, optional fullscreen graphics, three different modes of gameplay, and if that wasn't enough there are seven skins to unlock!

Screenshot of Outswirl for Mac OS XNaturally, Outswirl automatically saves your game when you stop playing, letting you continue where you left off without the frustration of losing your progress.

  • Addictive, non-violent fun makes it suitable for all ages
  • Seven skins to unlock!
  • Three different modes of gameplay
  • 16 achievements to show your skill
  • Free to try, $9.99 to buy

* Demo version will run for three hours

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