Kitsune Software

I'm a guy called Ben, I used to trade as Kitsune Software and I used to be based in the UK. For multiple political reasons (Brexit is one of them) I'm in the process of moving out of the UK and seeking work in either Berlin — where I am now — or Zürich.

I've been coding in one form or another since I was 5 years old (the family had a Commodore 64; I transcribed programs from the instruction manual while learning to read), going from old-fashioned BASIC in the command-line days to C and REALbasic in the Mac-Classic era, then onwards to Java, Objective-C, Python, JavaScript and Swift in the modern age.

I'm currently learning German, Esperanto, & Greek, writing a novel (the first draft came to around 119,000 words and now I'm working on the second draft), and looking for work in either Berlin or Zürich. As part of my job hunt, I am working through various online courses including Python and Swift courses.

My interests include artificial intelligence, life-long learning, and trying things which other people claim to be impossible.

  — Ben


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